Hello, we are a ICT developers studio.

We offer a differentiated and dedicated solutions, covering technological needs of any business area.

About Us

We specialize in financial markets, energy markets, Business innovation and Big Data & Analytics. We have extensive experience in these areas and the best commitment to our clients. We leave on 5 fundamental principles:

  • Stability
  • Usability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Self-correction

We solve your need ...

We offer differentiated and dedicated solutions, covering technological needs of any business area of your company with products that integrate Software and Hardware.

  • 1. Vision

    We seek to offer high services added value and reliable, our team of professionals will be at your willing to assist in everything moment. Always giving a deal personalized, close and direct, adapting to your needs.

  • We intend to be a reference in the national and international market in the business technology sector, for this all our services are in a continuous improvement and at the same time in a constant communication and feedback with our customers, which makes us be according to the need of them and the changes caused by the technological advances of the Market.



We help you to board the new digital scenarios.

We design and implement innovation-oriented solutions for development of new business and relationship models that characterize the digital economy.

Full Stack
UX & UI Design
Paas - AWS - Azurre
Wireless admin

We using top leading methods of development.

We have a team of professionals ready to develop any requirement. We are constantly looking for new ways to generate clean, fast and reliable codes.

PaaS 100%
Big Data 100%
Business process automation100%
Products and solutions100%


Some Projects

ECM School - Home

Parental control and network admin for schools and home


PEC is a system that allows the sending of email messages giving legal value to the message delivery process, the electronic documentation attesting to the sending an delivery of electronic documents being provided to the sender. In addition to ather features

Supervisor 0-LF

Currently, 0LF Sypervisor supports physical monitoring th.rough Portainer, and logical monitoring via 0LF APIs

Tele Pase

Automation of collection management on highways in Cordoba, Argentina.


Transform your Business Wifi network into an effective marketing tool.


Powerful software for testing processes.


UX/UI design


Is a localization and tracking system with te most advanced acommunication and technologies. By means of intelligent reports you will be able to obtain.


High Andes shows its value in the cooperation of highly complex projects with other companies. In Chile we are associated with Andesinc, in Italy with ATS Spa and in Argentina with High Impact. This cooperation gives us the possibility to approach any kind of project, we have worked for the Italian bank, different ONG's in Latin America and even highways company in Argentina.


Milano, Italy


Santiago, Chile


Córdoba, Argentina


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Nazaret 3182, Córdoba, Argentina

Av. Ossa 1554, Santiago, Chile.

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